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 Arnaud - Narcotic Effects

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PostSubject: Arnaud - Narcotic Effects   Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:38 am

Effects of enhanced Ecstasy for Arnaud (modified from the effects of hallucinogens)

For Arnaud being high on enhanced Ecstasy results in:

  • Unpredictable waves of euphoria and increased sensual interests
  • -3 dice pool for all knowledge based rolls, -1 dice pool for all talent and skill based rolls (except for empathy and expression)
  • +2 empathy
  • +1 Auspex - enabling him to use only Auspex powers that he already understands but would usually only be able to wield while wearing his sire’s ring (which also grants +1 to Auspex and will NOT stack if Arnaud is both high and wearing the ring).
  • Effects similar to The Haunting (Dementation 2).  For Arnaud this may also affect his special Auspex sense that detects Discipline use, causing him to sense things that are not there and making him unable to differentiate between a real detection and an hallucinated one.
  • Increased susceptibility to the Toreador clan flaw, self-control rolls at difficulty 8 instead of 6.
  • Effects last for 4-6 hours

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PostSubject: Re: Arnaud - Narcotic Effects   Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:01 pm

I like this list. Well thought out.
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Arnaud - Narcotic Effects
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