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 First Mission in Italy - Lyon (131030D1)

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PostSubject: First Mission in Italy - Lyon (131030D1)   Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:49 pm

First Mission in Italy - Lyon
Log: 131030D1

These are photographs that Zlato took with a disposable camera.  He was intending to try to develop his own prints.

Zlato: ::will stop at one place and pay for a disposable camera, then head back to the other two and offer them a smile::
Gregory: ::smiles:: Find something suitable?
Zlato: It'll work for now.  ::smirks slightly::  It will also give me practice at developing prints and such... so it's entirely possible that I may screw it up and nothing may survive anyways.

Larek and Gregory on the streets of Lyon during the daytime
Larek: ::grins:: There have to be women's fashion shoppes around here somewhere.  Where there is women's clothing for sale, there are women coming and going.
Gregory: Are you ever not hunting?
Larek: ::laughs:: We're only looking, not buying.
Zlato: ::laughs softly his Camera sliding out to snap a picture of Larek’s shit eating grin and Gregory’s incredulous face::

Larek (long sword) and Gregory (double short swords) sparring the the parking area of the Masque's safe haven in Lyon
Gregory: ::also shifts to a ready stance, turns both blades in unison on either side of himself a couple of times then moves into a clean controlled pattern of attacks::
Larek: ::cleanly parries each attack as it comes, having no trouble defending against both blades as long as he can keep Gregory outside of his effective attack range::
Zlato: ::raises his camera and takes a few shots::
MST: * The exchange will go on for a minute or so and then Larek and Gregory will make a brief but clear break before switching roles between attacker and defender.  Although the attacks are performed at normal speed with solid contact between the weapons, it is clear that both men are fully in control of what they are doing and practicing clean and precise moves *
Zlato: ::snaps several pictures, winds the film after each shot, snaps some more::

Larek: ::on defense again, moves to use an aggressive parry against one of Gregory's lead attacks then pauses as all three blades come together::
Gregory: ::also pauses then steps back out of combat again::
Larek: That was good.  Can you do that again?
Gregory: ::nods and steps back into the attack::
Larek: ::attempts the same parry and again pauses as all three blades come together:: That's subtle.  ::disengages and steps back again::
Gregory: ::also steps back and smiles::
Larek: I'm not even giving you your best range. ::narrows his eyes thoughtfully considering what just happened::
Zlato: You guys need a camcorder or something that we can play it back in slow motion?  ::snapped a picture just as all three blades locked up again::

Larek: ::nods and looks at Gregory:: Do a full execution of that this time.
Zlato: ::readies his camera::
Gregory: ::moves into the same attack again, anticipates the parry and follows Larek's blade with his own rather than deflecting away from it and strikes the blade near the hilt with his second blade from the opposite side::
Larek: ::hops back to avoid his own blade as it spins out of his hand and ends up on the floor a few feet away::
Théodore: ::arches a brow and asks no further questions::
Zlato: ::manages to catch a picture of the process just as the blade leaves Larek's hand::
Larek: ::walks over to retrieve his sword and returns to his spot::

Larek: ::nods to Gregory and the exercise begins again, this time Larek opts for a less forceful block and give up a half-step of ground to get on the outside of Gregory's blades before Gregory can use the advantage to force him back several more steps::
Gregory: ::smiles and continues to press the attack but is unable to force Larek to give up any more ground or offer up his weapon for the taking again::
Zlato: ::slides off the car and moves around them a bit and takes a couple more sets of pictures::
MST: * The practice continues on as before, both men working up a heavy sweat and shedding their shirts after awhile, but maintaining clean precise control of their weapons *
Zlato: They have showers here ya? ::snaps the last photo he has in the small camera, then winds the film, no more spaces left::
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First Mission in Italy - Lyon (131030D1)
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