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 Larnes et Roses VIP area (151217N2)

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PostSubject: Larnes et Roses VIP area (151217N2)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:49 pm

Larnes et Roses VIP area

Log: 151217N2
Note: I added a few details to descriptions that were not in the logs. The additions don't contradict anything in the logs but they seem needed for descriptions of Zlato's photos. Mostly it's just the addition of some colors to what people are wearing and an actual description of the woman that was dancing by Dove while she was singing.

Photo of Dove sitting at the bar in the VIP section of Larnes et Roses (4 successes)
Young looking woman with bright yellow and orange hair pinned into a fan shape on the back of her head and unnaturally large eyes who is wearing a loose many layered top of multiple colors over black stretch pants.

Photos of Arnaud and Cellita sitting at the bar with Arnaud in the foreground and Cellita's face in profile in the background, both of them currently enraptured while watching Dove singing on the stage. (1 success + 1 wp = 2) (4 successes)
Cellita is dressed in jeans and a loose top that resembles wisps of light gray smoke swirling on a deep blue background with her Arnaud armored leather jacket on and wearing a white flower in her hair which is currently hanging mostly loose with just the front part pulled back and pinned near the crown of her head to keep it out of her eyes.
Arnaud is dressed for Elysium in casually elegant suit of dark gray with pale blue stitching and detailing, worn over a darker blue shirt without a tie, the entire ensemble worn with a youthful carelessness about it; the top couple of buttons of his shirt left open, the cuffs of his jacket sleeves also not buttoned, his hair hanging in it's usual loose gentle waves around his face.

A few photos of Dove on the stage in the VIP section of Larnes et Roses singing, with an unidentified woman dancing next to her. (successes 2,4,4)
The woman stands about the same height as Dove (about 5'6"), her black hair is pulled up and secured at the back of her head with jeweled combs creating a fall of twisting locks that hang just past her shoulders, a red flower has been secured to her hair where it is pinned, she is pale skinned and topless with small breasts and wearing a pair of loose silky dark purple pants. Her high-heeled sandals have been kicked off and are laying on the floor near the stage.
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Larnes et Roses VIP area (151217N2)
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