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 Arnaud's Haven - post Blood Hunt pool area (151217N1)

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PostSubject: Arnaud's Haven - post Blood Hunt pool area (151217N1)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:51 pm

Arnaud's Haven - post Blood Hunt, pool area
Log: 151217N1

picture of Ivan drawing blood from Loraine, details of her rapture and straining body crisp and clear, as is a small drop of blood near Ivan's lips (5 successes)
Ivan: ::leads Loraine to the nearest chair and sits down::
Loraine: ::follows Ivan then kneels on the floor in front of him::
Ivan: ::lifts Loraine’s hand to his lips and sinks his fangs into her wrist::
Loraine: ::watches Ivan then gasps, her head falling back as she groans deeply and begins to flex and tremble, the muscles in her chest and neck straining in waves::
Loraine: ::just continues to strain and writhe on her knees held up only by Ivan's grip on her arm::

Loraine drinking from Ivan's wrist (6 successes)
Ivan: ::releases his bite in Loraine's wrist and bites into his own then holds the wound out to her::
Loraine: ::turning her head to seal her mouth over the wound in Ivan's wrist, her free hand coming up to hold his hand from behind as she drinks, her body trembling and flushing::
Zlato: ::stands back up over Ivan's shoulder to get a clear shot of Loraine and her eyes before bringing his camera up for another shot::

Attempt 1: Ivan dominating Katarina on a lounger in Arnaud's haven (1 success)
(As this begins Ivan is sitting on the edge of the lounger with his feet on the floor but turned to one side facing Katarina, Katrina is sitting fully on the lounger, but sitting upright rather than leaned back as she has just released Ivan from her Kiss.  They are both naked.)
Ivan: ::shift back slightly then drag Katarina forward up onto her knees and buries his fangs in her chest above her right breast::
Katarina: ::head falls back, her fangs still extended and her lips parted with traces of Ivan's blood still on her lips::
Ivan: ::snakes both arms around Katarina's back and holds her firm against himself, her bite mark still unhealed at the base of his neck::
Ivan: ::releases his bite on Katarina, but keeps her pulled up against him as he looks up at her and slides one hand to the back of her head to tilt her head and make her look down at him as he locks his gaze onto hers, also still displaying his fangs and leaving the wound on Katarina unhealed::
Katarina: ::rests her hands on Ivan's shoulders as she looks directly into his eyes, fangs still bared but her expression lustful rather than threatening::
Zlato: ::perches up behind Lorain just enough to see the camera view finder held out in front of both of them, zooms in on the pair, making them almost seem close up::
AST: *Note Zlato's picture is blurry and out of focus with a bad angle*
Ivan: ::is clearly in control even though Katarina is looking down at him, a soft rumbling growl as he forces his way into her memories::
Katarina: ::shudders slightly then almost smiles for a moment before her expression goes neutral, locked into that unblinking gaze::

Attempt 2: Ivan dominating Katarina on a lounger in Arnaud's haven (5 successes)
Zlato: ::moves up to within a couple of feet of them, circles for a moment, trying to get everything into view that he wants shown::
Zlato: ::grumbles and mutters, then heads away, grabs a chair and drags it over next to them before standing up on it to look down at them::
Zlato: ::steadies himself, focuses for several moments, then starts to take some pictures::

Attempt 3: Ivan dominating Katarina on a lounger in Arnaud's haven (3 successes)
Zlato: ::steps down from his chair and circles the pair again, looking at them through his viewfinder::
AST: *Picture for Zlato is 3 successes, managed to capture one of Ivan's eyes almost perfectly through Katarina's hair*

Attempt 4: Ivan dominating Katarina on a lounger in Arnaud's haven (6 successes)
Zlato: ::backs up from them a bit and zooms in on Kat's face but far enough back to also get the till open bite mark in the frame::

Attempt 5: Ivan dominating Katarina on a lounger in Arnaud's haven (5 successes)
Zlato: ::moves around them again, this time getting Ivan's face and his own open bite marks::
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Arnaud's Haven - post Blood Hunt pool area (151217N1)
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