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 First Mission in Italy - Venice and Verona (multiple logs)

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PostSubject: First Mission in Italy - Venice and Verona (multiple logs)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:47 pm

First Mission in Italy - Venice and Verona (taken with Ivan's camera)

Log: 140630D1
Larek and Gregory sparing - Venice Mansion
Photo of Gregory shirtless and frozen in an advancing move with his longsword, his hair flared out from his recent quick change of direction, his body perfectly balanced even in the middle of the movement. (5 success artistic shot)
MST: (First exchange: Gregory 9, Larek 3. Zlato’s photography: 3 successes on action shots, 5 successes on artistic shots)
MST: * Larek and Gregory will start off sparring long sword against long sword; a battle that will quickly be dominated by Gregory as he starts working Larek around the yard with exceptional precision and footwork. *
Larek: ::disengages and backs off to a defensive stance, flipping a strand of hair out of his eyes with a flick of his head::
Gregory: ::gives Larek a slightly cocky smile through the curtain of his own loose, shoulder length hair that is already wet with perspiration::

Photo that shows Larek and Gregory, both shirtless, after a particularly aggressive forward attack was checked by Gregory, both men looking each other directly in the eyes during that moment when both of their weapons (longswords) have been stopped by the violent collision. (6 success action shot)
MST: (Second exchange: Gregory 8, Larek 5.  Zlato’s photography: 6 on action, 4 on artistic)
Gregory: ::takes the initiative and goes after Larek, using a modified fencing posture to try to force the larger man into lunging and then throwing his balance off by evading any power attacks that he attempts::
Larek: ::attempts the power attacks a couple of times then resorts to trying to circle with his opponent in order to maintain the combat distance and thwart some of his fancier dodging tactics::

Log: 140706N2
Rock and Katarina sparring - Venice Mansion
<Come up with photo description>.
MST: (first exchange of melée: Rock 5, Katarina 1)
MST: * Rock will immediately advance on Katarina and put her on the defense, getting inside of her range of power and not letting her push him back out, taking away the advantage of her longer weapon right from the start and scoring a few minor hits, deliberately controlling his Potence through the exchange. *
Rock: I thought you were supposed to be the one poking holes in me?
MST: * Zlato for pictures: 4 on action shots, 5 on artistic shots *

<Come up with photo description>.
MST: (second exchange of melée: Rock 4, Katarina 3)
Gregory: ::starts pacing around the outside of the sparring area:: Open him up!
Rock: ::keeps right on using his larger size to invade inside of  Katarina's comfortable range::
Katarina: ::ends up retreating for a bit in order to try to get outside of Rocks preferred range::
MST: * Zlato for picture: 4 on action shots, 4 on artistic shots *

<Come up with photo description>.
MST: (next exchange: Rock 5, Katarina 2)
MST: * Rock keeps on pressing Katarina until she finally resorts to drawing her own knife with her off hand, but she is still unable to get control of the fight against the constant aggressive press *
Zlato: Yeah...  Gregory is right over there.. ::points to him::  He's better in her.  
Larek: ::arches a brow at Zlato::
Gregory: ::starts cursing in Gaelic::
MST: * Zlato for pictures: 2 for action, 6 for artistic *

<Come up with photo description>.
Rock: ::finally breaks off from his press steps back out of weapon range for a moment while he studies Katarina:: Why are you letting me get away with this?
Gregory: Yes.  Why ARE you letting him get away with that?
Katarina: I'm not doing it on purpose, I assure you.
Rock: Then stop being so overcautious or I'm going to start actually cutting you up.  ::advances on her again::
Gregory: ::growls::
MST: (Rock 4, Katarina 3)
MST: * Rock again tries to press Katarina using his size and his reach to his own advantage, but having much less success getting through her defenses this time. *
MST: * Zlato pictures: 3 action, 3 artistic *

<Come up with photo description>.
MST: (Next exchange: Rock 1, Katarina 4)
Jude: ::looks over at Arnaud, then rolls his own window down to listen better::
Katarina: ::lets out a frustrated scream as she makes a sudden and slightly reckless counterattack and actually manages to back Rock up a few steps::
MST: * Zlato pictures: 4 action, 3 artistic *

<Come up with photo description>.
Rock: That's more like it!
Ivan: ::keeps his attention on the fight and Gregory:: <<Welcome back.>>
MST: (next exchange: Rock 3, Katarina 4)
Katarina: ::continues to drive Rock back further, looking for an opening she can exploit::
Rock: ::grins as he keeps giving up the ground, but prevents her from completely dominating the footwork for now::
MST: * Zlato picture: 3 action, 4 artistic *
Gregory: ::continues to pace at the edge of the combat area as he watches::

Log: 140706N
Ivan dominating Katarina - Venice Mansion
Zlato: ::occasionally snaps a picture of Ivan and Katarina while waiting between them getting things out::
Zlato: ::snaps a picture of Katarina holding the pendant::
Photo set of Katarina and Ivan from a distance, Ivan's hand on her cheek, looking down at her while she looks up at him while he dominates her. (4 successes)
Ivan: ::focuses his attention and locks his gaze to Katarina’s:: #The Forgetful Mind # (2 successes)
Katarina: ::makes a soft surprised sound and wavers on her feet for a moment, her gaze remaining locked on Ivan unblinking::
Ivan: ::places his other hand on her side for a moment to steady her then lets it return to his own side::
Zlato: ::snaps a picture of them together as a couple from a small distance away, takes a few more just to be sure he's got the essence of what he's looking for::
MST: (first set of pictures: 4, 4, 4, 0)

Photo set of Katarina and Ivan, this set is from behind Katarina and over her shoulder looking up at Ivan's grey eyes while he dominates her. ( 5 successes)
Zlato: ::moves around behind Katarina and crouches down, capturing the back of her head, cheek bone, and ear in the shot, but that's mostly out of focus as he aims in on Ivan's eye's and features::
MST: (second set of pictures: 5, 2, 2, 3)
Ivan: ::lips part just slightly for a moment then close again, his jaw tightening just a bit::

Photo of Katarina looking up at Ivan's face from over his shoulder, her green eyes locked to his as he dominates her, showing vulnerability and her natural beauty at the same time. (7 successes)
Zlato: ::moves around behind Ivan, grabs a chair and stands up on it behind him, giving him the same view of the back of Ivan's head, looking down, ear, jaw bone and Kat's eyes::
Katarina: ::continues to gaze up at Ivan unblinking, unbreathing, unmoving, enraptured::
MST: (third set: 4, 2, 7, 2)

Log: 140713N
Ivan pushing Arnaud into battle lust - Verona Hotel
Photo of Ivan, shirtless, with Arnaud held firmly to his own chest and his fangs buried in Arnaud's neck.  Ivan has both arms wrapped around Arnaud, holding him from behind.  Arnaud's eyes are half-lidded in an expression of ecstasy and his head has fallen back against Ivan's shoulder. (7 success)
Ivan: ::pulls Arnaud roughly into him and wraps both arms around him::
Arnaud: ::uses his legs to keep trying to shove Ivan around::
Ivan: ::growls deeply and lunges, sinking his fangs into Arnaud's neck::
Arnaud: ::cries out, his eyes going wide for a moment then half-lidding as his head falls back against Ivan's shoulder::
Ivan: ::gaze snaps up to Jude and Zlato, fixing them with a dark stare as he drags Arnaud back a couple of steps::

Photo of Arnaud and a shirtless Ivan, Ivan looking at the camera with his arms wrapped about Arnaud with his fangs bared and blood still on his lips, bite marks still visible in Arnaud's skin. (5 success)
Ivan: ::draws hard and fast, taking his fill, then lifts his head, still watching Jude and Zlato as he licks Arnaud's blood from his lips, fangs still bared::
Dez: [François] Just the one folder left. ::opens the folder that Arnaud marked as "for you" and opens the first image, manages to avoid falling victim to his clan flaw, but stares at the image of Ivan clearly protecting Arnaud who has been recently bitten by Ivan and is still dazed from whoever is near the camera::
CellitaM: [François] ::continues on through the photos of Ivan feeding from a fully subdued Arnaud while keeping a close eye on the person with the camera, then stops on the one after Ivan has released his bite, is still displaying his fangs with Arnaud's blood on his lips and Arnaud still held against his chest dazed with the bite wound still visible::

Photo of Arnaud and Ivan on the floor.  Ivan is shirtless on his back, his face an expression of bliss.  Arnaud is stretched out on top of him with his face buried in Ivan's throat and the wounds in his own neck still unhealed; his arms and legs are entwined with Ivan's in order to keep Ivan stretched out and tight against him.  An unhealed bite is visible on Ivan's upper arm. (6 success)
Arnaud: ::twists in Ivan's arms and manages to get his fangs into an arm::
Ivan: ::growl tapers off as his struggles weaken and finally stop::
Arnaud: ::shifts to face Ivan then starts to entangles his legs before releasing the bite on his arm and taking a new one on his throat::
Ivan: ::gasps then groans::
Zlato: ::raises the camera again and takes another picture or two::
Arnaud: ::continues to entwine his limbs with Ivan's and stretches both of their bodies tight up against each other::

Log: 140724N
Group sparring session - Verona abandoned building
Photo of Larek and Gregory staring at each other with battle lust still in their eyes. (6 successes)
Arnaud: ::opens the folder of the sparring pictures and starts going through them one by one, commenting on some of them and pointing out details, until he gets the very last one of Larek and Gregory, then gets sucked into the passionate expressions of the two men caught in the grip of both the lust for violence and mutual attraction::

Photo of Kat in close with Rock hilts of knives locked together ( 7 successes)
François: ::starts working his way through more photos, still leaving several seconds for everyone to look at each one and comment if they want to, then stops on the one with Rock and Katarina sparring, the hilts of their knives locked together while their bodies are much closer to each other than seems prudent for either fighter::
Vincent: <q> Wow..  Look at the way their muscles are straining, her hair is still moving!
Lazlo: She's smart.  Using his own size against him.

Photo of Katarina landing a hit on Rock and sending a line of blood towards the crowd, line of blood visible in the air headed towards Jude, his dark eyes locked on the line of blood. (5 successes)
François: ::continues on with the pictures and stops on another one of Katarina and Rock, this one having caught cast-off in mid air with Jude in the background watching it coming at him::
Vincent: ::soft exhalation of breath:: <q> That had to hurt.
François: That is an incredible picture.  Look at the blood.
Lazlo: It almost looks like she deliberately flicked it toward Jude.
Vincent: ::leans forward a bit, looking at the picture::  He's watching the blood too.. Look.  ::points to Jude's eyes::
François: He certainly is...

Two Photos of Arnaud and Jude doing massively intricate footwork while each of the strives for the lead ( 6 successes)
second picture [François] ::stops again a few images later on a picture where Jude and Arnaud's feet are in almost perfect exchange from one other, Arnaud having stepped slightly ahead of Jude's trailing foot while Jude did exactly the same thing, making it impossible to tell which one of them is advancing and which one is defending at that perfect moment in time:: (5 success)

Photo of Jude lusting after Arnaud with his eyes, still moving after Arnaud, desire, lust, and longing in his gaze. (5 successes)

Photo of Katarina nude from the top up, staring intently at the camera with her arms crossed on the table. (5 success) [140724N]

Log: 140727D
Larek and Cellita dancing - Verona Hotel
Zlato Nuil: ::takes a slew of photo's but ends up getting a beyond perfect picture of them dancing, Cellita's back to Larek, her head almost on his shoulder, both their arms in front of them as they continue to dance:: (both of them were nude while dancing)

Photo of Cellita and Larek dancing intimately. (5 success)

Photos of possible meeting locations in Verona

Katarina: ::smiles and starts to move through the club, standing in areas to be photographed, pointing up at the DJ booth up near the ceiling in one corner of the main section of the club::

Photo of Katarina in an abandoned theater in Italy,  Katarina is wearing a mid-length red dress with a long jacket open at the front and high heels (5 success)
Zlato Nuil: ::watches Katarina for a moment, then turns to take a picture of her, alone on the stage in the darkness, a single beam of light  piercing into the main area of the theater, dust particals making the line of light more apparent::
Zlato Nuil: (5 successes)
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First Mission in Italy - Venice and Verona (multiple logs)
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