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 Arnaud's Haven - Daytime Body Painting (160110D)

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PostSubject: Arnaud's Haven - Daytime Body Painting (160110D)   Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:53 pm

Arnaud's Haven - Daytime Body Painting
In the lower level, in a large room with drop cloths on the floor and everyone seated on pillows and cushions except for the current human canvas sitting on a backless bar stool.

Subject 1: Rowena.  Arnaud's body painting (5 successes)
Arnaud: ::kneeling on the floor next to Rowena painting little starfish down the outside of her right leg::
Arnaud: ::picks an orange to start adding details to the starfish::
Arnaud: ::kneels down on the floor close to Rowena:: #1 bp for Celerity# ::starts to add background around the starfish, tiny seashells and shades of blue patterned to give the impression of water that is not still::
Arnaud: ::gets up and lifts Rowena back off the stool, stand her on her feet then kneels back down to continue working up onto her hip adding strands of green and yellow seaweed::
Arnaud: ::keeps working upward and only on one side of Rowena's body, on her waist and ribs two schools of small colorful fish are passing through each other going in opposite directions from the middle of her belly to the middle of her back::
Arnaud: ::steps back partly in front of Rowena and continues working, adds a couple of slender tentacles coming over her shoulder, one of them trailing down the outside of her right breast and the other crossing partway over her chest then wrapping around under the breast.  A third tentacle hangs down from her shoulder and coils once around her upper arm as if hanging on, he continues the background over the entire area then moves around behind her to work on the back of her shoulder::
Arnaud: ::adds the rest of the sea creature that bears some resemblance to a squid but has been given a pretty extensive fantasy makeover in order to use a larger variety of colors in that one area on the back of Rowena's shoulder, continues the blue water up Rowena's neck and onto the side of her face, a pair of tiny frogs are swimming across her cheek and the water breaks apart into thin wisps of droplets under he eye and up her temple into her hair::

Picture of Arnaud working on Rowena's upper leg adding background behind the starfish. (5 successes)

Picture of full body length painting from the front(4 successes)
Zlato: ::takes a picture of Rowena and her full body length painting from the front, and makes his way around to the back::  

Subject 2: Théodore.  Arnaud's body painting (6 successes)
Arnaud: ::distinguishable images begin to emerge on Théodore as he fills in more and more details, still moving back and forth between various location, the different patches beginning to expand and close the gaps between them: a swamp with colorful mushrooms and frogs is forming on his left leg;  jungle vines and a serpent on his left arm; a desert with cacti and a bleached skull on his right leg; tall grass and wild flowers on his right arm; the rocky face of a mountain with small plants clinging to the side of it on his chest; a woodland scene on his back::
Arnaud: ::continues to add and expand, bringing the various sections of the painting together, ingeniously merging them with the mingling of the background colors, then finishes by painting Théodore's face with a scattering of tiny colorful fallen leaves::

Subject 3: Loraine.  Arnaud's body painting (6 successes)
Arnaud: ::kneels down and begins to work on Loraine's left leg, working much the same way he did on Rowena by starting with small individual objects then adding the background, this time objects are flower petals and bees and the background is a mixture of pale blue tinged with traces of pink like the morning sky::
Arnaud: ::keeps working, moving up Loraine's leg adding some leaves that appear to be blowing in the wind on her upper thigh and hip, then starting to work on a flock of birds flying from her back around her side to her abdomin and lower ribs::
Arnaud: ::adds a clear blue midday sky as background to the flock of birds them transitions into angry looking dark gray clouds on her upper ribs and shoulder then to a dark purple sky down her left arm with briliant white forks of lightning running down her arm from the back of her shoulder::
Arnaud: ::works his way up onto the side of Loraine"s face and transitioning to the deep indigo of the night sky just before full darkness and adds a constellation of stars on her cheek before moving around behind her to work on the back of her shoulder::
Arnaud: ::amid lighter grey angry clouds, and almost seeming to be part of the clouds, two celestial beings are locked in combat, the point where their swords are locked together is where the bolt of lightning that forks down Loraine's arm originates::
MST: [Arnaud] ::amid lighter grey angry clouds, and almost seeming to be part of the clouds, two celestial beings are locked in combat, the point where their swords are locked together is where the bolt of lightning that forks down Loraine's arm originates::
Arnaud: ::walks around Loraine still holding the paintbrush and pallet, then stands in front of her to add a constellation of stars across her cheek in the deep indigo sky that exists only for a few moments right before full dark takes over::

Pictures of Loraine (6 successes)
Zlato:  ::brings his camera up and starts taking photos of Lorianne, trying to get every aspect of the art from each direction::

Pictures of Rowena-sea, Théodore-land, and Loraine-air (8 successes)
Zlato: ::aims up the shot and takes a few pictures, mutters and shifts his position::  Closer together yet please. *8 success on the shot for note *
Zlato:  ::makes a soft sound, thendrops the camera down, moves back to the models, reaches out with a hand and gently guides them to stand where he wants them, once he has them in position, he starts pulling or tugging on limbs and asking them to hold there, creating a kind of overlap with the scenes::
Zlato: ::gently brushes the women's hair back from their faces, Rowena's he gathers up and gently lays it across her unpainted shoulder, moves to Theodore and positions his hand to actually be resting on her hip, then moves to Loraine and pushes her hair back behind her ear::
Zlato:  ::steps back, then moves slightly to the side to get an overlap, frowns, then moves back in front of them::
Zlato: ::nods and looks back to the models, then moves around behind them to take a group photo from behind::

Subject 4: Ivan.  Arnaud's body painting (7 successes)
Arnaud: ::starts to paint an intricate circlet of vines and dark roses on Ivan's chest::
Arnaud: ::adds a background of mottled dark grey then pauses to look at the image frowning slightly::
Arnaud: ::lifts his gaze from the image on Ivan's chest to his face then leans forward and paints a much simpler and smaller version of the circlet on his left cheek below his eye::
Arnaud ::steps in front of Ivan and quickly finishes up the shading he was doing around the edge of the circlet::

Pictures of the painting on Ivan (5 successes)
Ivan was dressed from the waist down, not wearing a shirt, with his hair tied back in the usual manner
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Arnaud's Haven - Daytime Body Painting (160110D)
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